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A Letter from Chris & Isabel

Hello from the Mitten state! We are fun-loving college sweethearts, and after accepting God’s will for our infertility, we are excited to respond to His call to become first-time parents through adoption.

We can’t wait to share with your child our Catholic faith, our love of music, and summers at the family cabin on the lake. We will raise your child in a stable, nurturing environment that fosters their growth into the person they are meant to be. We will encourage them to discover and pursue their own interests, but more importantly, their relationship with Jesus and compassion for others.

We look forward to getting to know you, and based on your comfort level, we are open to photos, letters, and visits.

About Us

We met in our college sacred music choir over 9 years ago. It was love at first sound! We were first drawn to each other through our worship together in prayerful song. After journeying through infertility for 3 years, we felt convicted that now is the right time to pursue adoption. We are especially looking forward to sharing our faith, reading bedtime stories, having family dinners, and visiting our families with your child.

 Some of Our Favorite Things:

  • Spending time in prayer together
  • Singing together
  • Summers at Isabel’s family cabin on the lake
  • Exploring nature on walks/hikes
  • Visiting our alma mater for Homecoming Weekend
  • Dancing
  • Board games/puzzles
  • Road trips
  • Reading together

About Isabel

According to Chris: Isabel is the most contagiously fun and fiercely loyal person I’ve ever known. I was first drawn to her by her boldness in confronting difficult challenges and her big heart, especially for the Lord. She is all about making time for experiences that bring us closer together. She’s always finding the fun in the most mundane tasks, even things like cleaning up after a meal.

As an assistant teacher with the infants and toddlers, she is IN LOVE with the children she cares for at her Montessori school because it is such a joy for her. Isabel also has a soft spot for the elderly, and she has enjoyed entertaining them by singing oldies on the guitar.

Isabel can’t wait to share her love of wholesome movies, such as “It’s A Wonderful Life”. She can’t wait to sing and play the guitar and piano for your child, to teach them how to make her Mary Engelbreit “signature cards,” and to just be on “lake time” with them.

Some Things Isabel Likes to Do:
• MUSIC!!! Singing and playing guitar and piano
• Musicals such as Wicked, Les Misérables, etc.
• Walks in the park
• Browsing downtown areas and finding neat shops
• Classic Disney movies such as Up, Toy Story, and Tangled
• Traveling

About Chris

According to Isabel: Chris is an amazing man whom I have been blessed to have had in my life for about 10 years now. He has the kindest, purest, and gentlest soul I have ever known. He has such a strong, solid faith in the Lord and his bold, child-like spirit just exudes from everything he does. He also works so hard to provide a good, comfortable life for me and our future family. Everything he does is out of great love, and he can’t wait to finally be a daddy!

Chris is a client solutions specialist in the automotive industry. In this role, he inspects cars for the mobile auction and he manages relationships with clients. He is so incredibly hardworking and has been very calm and patient in the midst of some difficult situations. In how he is at home and at work, I know he will be an incredibly kind, gentle, but strong, and patient, loving father. He is looking forward to reading to your child, having races, and singing together with them.

Some Things Chris Loves to Do:
• Running
• Singing
• Cooking
• Gardening
• Riding roller coasters

Our Family

Isabel’s Family: Isabel’s parents live in Upstate Michigan on a lake in the summer and in Florida for the winter, so anytime we visit, it is a vacation! She also has two brothers and many aunts, uncles, and cousins nearby in Michigan. It is easy to keep in touch through visits and weekly phone calls, as well as big family gatherings.

Chris’ Family: Chris comes from a big family scattered across the country, but many of whom still live in his home state of Nebraska. We love to visit his home for family gatherings, and we keep in touch via weekly calls/Skype.

Our whole family is excited for us to adopt! Chris has 2 cousins who were adopted, so his side is already familiar with the beautiful way adoption can grow a family. Isabel’s parents can’t wait to become 1st time grandparents!

Our Michigan Home

We live in a 2-bedroom apartment in a beautiful suburb. We enjoy sitting on our balcony and enjoying the woodsy view, as well as playing board games and the Wii, doing puzzles, and watching movies in our family room. We love going for long walks through our pond-filled neighborhood with fountains. We also have nice pools and a playground we can’t wait to spend time at with our child.

We enjoy visiting many nearby parks and museums, especially The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. It’s like an immersion into the past! Being on the fringe of town also allows us to take advantage of many farmer’s markets, apple/cherry picking, and the Michigan State Fair.

Our Promise

We promise to provide a safe, nurturing and laughter-filled environment for your child to thrive in. We will share our love of God and our strong community of faith, family, and friends. We look forward to sharing our Catholic faith with your child, as well as our great love for music, spending time outside, and visiting family, especially Up North at the lake.

We promise to lay down our desires and put your child’s needs first in everything. We promise to promote the free exploration and development of your child’s natural gifts and desires. We promise to provide your child with a good Catholic education.

We promise to share with your child the truth about you and their adoption story. We will teach your child to honor you for the special, irreplaceable role you played in their life. If you are comfortable with it, we would love to make you part of the family through pictures, letters and visits. We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chris & Isabel

  Chris Isabel
Our EducationMA in PhilosophyBA in Sacred Music Voice
Our ProfessionsSales, wholesale automotive industryAssistant Montessori Infant/Toddler Teacher
Stay-At-HomeNoYes (once a parent)
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Isabel's Favorites
Book "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis"Arms of Love" by Carmen Marcoux
MovieLord of the RingsThe Sound of Music
Vacation ActivityMackinac Island-biking through the state parkMackinac Island-Demitasse at the Grand Hotel
Food Lasagna Indian Butter Chicken
Family TraditionFamily reunions in rural Nebraska - one big party! Annual Pierogi making
Childhood MemoryChristmas Eve homemade chili and crib blessing at Grandma and Grandpa'sSpending most of the summer Up North as a family
Flowers Knockout RosesPale pink roses
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Isabel has had a love for music from a young age. She took piano lessons starting in 2nd grade and formal voice lessons starting in 8th grade. She continues to sing and play the piano and the guitar to this day. She especially loves to sing for church events, including weddings and funerals, and for young children and the elderly. It gives her the greatest joy! She loves sacred classical music, opera and praise and worship.

Chris also grew up surrounded by music. He has sung in choirs consistently since 3rd grade. Some of his favorite works include Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, The Reproaches by Tomas Luis de Victoria, and Allegri's Miserere. He also loves exploring new recipes through cooking. He has made tasty dishes ranging from Polish potato soup to the best-ever gluten free fudge brownies! Long distance running has been another favorite hobby of his since college. Chris has been a garden lover since childhood, and he always nurtures our flowers with the utmost of care.

Our Faith

We both grew up Catholic. Grace before meals and bedtime prayers were a daily norm, as well as Sunday Mass every week. We went to Catholic schools, culminating in our time at our university where we met. We are currently very involved at our church, especially by singing in the choir for Sunday Mass and attending prayer and worship evenings. One of our favorite annual church traditions is celebrating Mass together with our sister church from Uganda, with cultural music and dance!

Favorite Traditions

- Isabel’s family makes her great-grandma’s homemade pierogies every year for Christmas
- Going Up North for the summer, especially for the 4th of July
- Staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve while reminiscing on the blessings of the past year
- Going to Mackinac Island frequently
- Saturday night movies and Sunday night ice cream
- Decking out our home for Christmas
- Watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” every Christmas Eve
- Collecting Christmas ornaments to commemorate special trips
- Writing letters to each other for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
- Singing “Happy Birthday” in harmony to relatives

Fun Facts About Us

Fun Facts About Chris
- He has 7 siblings
- He discerned becoming a priest for several years
- He can sing in a high register
- He has witnessed a tornado (waterspout) back in Nebraska

Fun Facts About Isabel:
- She is the middle child between 2 brothers.
- She has gotten to travel all over the world, even as a child, including Costa Rica, Hungary, and England.
- She was named after her great grandma, Isabel, who was born one day later, 100 years apart.
- She is an avid skier both on water and snow

Fun Facts About Us Together:
- We got married in 2020
- We scored high marks in the 1st annual Paul Phoenix Academy International Music Festival with John Rutter's "The Lord Bless You and Keep You"
- We once spent 22 hours driving in one day
- We got to sing in the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee for a friend’s wedding

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In Closing

We are so excited that God's plan for us is becoming first-time parents through adoption! We promise to give your child a Christ-centered family modeled after His unconditional Love for us. We will share with them our Catholic faith, our strong community of extended family and friends, and our love of the outdoors, cooking, and summers at the lake. We will teach your child the value of their own dignity and foster their growth into the person they are called to be in this world. Lastly, you will always be a special part of their story. We are open to letters, pictures, and visits with you, whatever you are comfortable with. Know of our daily prayers for you and your child. We can’t wait to meet you. Ask Lifetime about us if you’d like to set up a phone or video call.

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