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Meet Jason & Cindy

A video message from Jason & Cindy

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A Letter from Jason & Cindy

A warm sunshine-state hello to you! We’re an active, outdoors-loving family of three who likes to play, read, kick up a living-room dance party, and have all kinds of travels and adventures together. We’d be so blessed to welcome your little one into our hearts and home. We are looking forward to getting to know you and staying connected with chats, letters, and visits.

About Us

We met one night almost 20 years ago while we were both out with friends. From that moment on, we’ve never run out of things to talk about, and we keep discovering more to love and learn about each other. Together, we’re always up for family time, fresh salty or mountain air, good live music, tacos, and watching the sunset over the water.

We started talking about building a family about 10 years ago. Even before finding out that pregnancy wasn’t an option for us, we both felt called to adopt and knew that one day we’d grow our family this way. In 2015, we were blessed with our son, Nolan, through adoption. We are more than ready (and so very excited!) to grow our family again.

On weekends, we like to meet up with friends, play and paddleboard at the beach (just a short bike ride away!), hang out outside, and get in some extra cuddles and fun with our sweet dog, Cooper (aka Super Coop). Your child will have so many every day and exciting experiences, like kayaking, skiing, hiking to waterfalls, and so much more. We’ll have lots of kitchen adventures and messes 😉 and snuggle in for cozy nights at home with books, a family game night, or a movie.

About Jason (in Cindy's Words)

Jason’s a great man, partner, and dad. He is strong, loving, patient, and dependable. He’s always focused on our family and is really good at gardening and building and fixing things, from bikes to figuring out how to mend a broken toy. He’s genuine, affectionate, and accepting and will drop everything to help someone. I love the kind of role model and example he is to Nolan and that he will be to our next child too.

Jason likes to play softball and golf and enjoys reading, skiing, biking, and trying new things. He helps coach baseball every season and spends a lot of time thinking of fun things for practice. The parents love how he is so supportive of all the kids on the field. He’s also excited to include our next child in all of our family adventures: hiking, beaching, paddle-boarding, cooking, being silly, and exploring.

As a program manager who works from home 3 days a week, Jason’s job offers a ton of flexibility. He’s always at events and sometimes brings a special lunch to eat with Nolan at school.

About Cindy (in Jason's Words)

Cindy is the heart of our home and is really good at making even the smallest things feel special. She is loving, lovable, and playful. I’ve watched her pour her entire heart into being a mom. Her creativity and background in writing and elementary education shine through in her parenting. It’s so cute to hear her doing voices for book characters or see her chalk-draw a life-size T-Rex on the driveway to teach our son about dinosaurs.

Cindy volunteers a lot in our community, including being at Nolan’s school every week. She enjoys going skiing, paddle-boarding, hiking, biking, beaching, and traveling. One of her favorite quiet activities is curling up with a good book… something she’s excited to share with our next child. Our family loves that Cindy is an awesome cook and baker. She’s really looking forward to having another little helper to cut out cookie shapes and shake sprinkles.

Cindy’s really active and her yoga mat is always nearby for a quick practice (she teaches too). Sometimes our dog, Cooper, likes to hang out on the mat with her and give moral support. 

Our Son and Extended Family

At age 6, Nolan is full of wholehearted spirit and a love for all things marshmallow (and birthday cake ice cream). He gets excited to go to school and can light up any room with his smile. Like his birth mom and us, music is one of Nolan’s favorite things. He’s taking guitar lessons and puts on amazing concerts and dance contests for us, his grandparents, and his aunts and uncles.

Nolan gives a thumbs-up to all sports, golf carts, art, the park, games, crafts, and doing science experiments, like growing crystals or making a volcano. He can’t wait to read to your child, take him or her to Discovery Cove to swim with a dolphin, and go to Jason’s family’s farm together in Missouri.

Extended Family | We’re supported by amazing grandparents, siblings, cousins, and long-time forever friends. Some of our family lives nearby, and we enjoy visiting with them at the zoo, school events, each other’s homes, birthdays and holidays, and out and about for everyday fun. Others are just a plane ride away, and we get to travel to spend time with them. We’ve had several adoptions in our extended family! Everyone is excited to love your child.

Top Traditions | Every year, we take a trip to honor Nolan’s adoption story, and we will create a tradition for your child, too. One year, we stayed in a hotel with a pirate boat in the pool and ate dinner with dinosaurs! Last year, Nama and Grandpa came too. One of our favorite Christmastime traditions is gathering with extended family in a town with millions of lights. We sip cocoa, toast marshmallows, sing Rudolph, ride a train, wear Santa hats, and have a blast.

At Christmas, we also decorate a tree in a park near our house! It’s so much fun. Other families decorate trees too. It makes for the prettiest, most festive walk in the evenings before Christmas Day.

Our Home in Florida

We live in a safe town that’s a quick drive from a few bigger cities. It’s seriously the cutest! There are lots of palm trees, amazing schools, sweet annual traditions and holiday festivals, an incredible farmer’s market, and great families and neighbors. Our home is right across the street from a park, which is about the coolest thing ever to a kid! 

We live in a cheerful and cozy updated 1950s ranch-style house. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a bonus room. The inside is casual, sunny, and has soothing coastal colors. We love to sit down at the table together for dinner or settle in to watch a movie with a big bowl of popcorn. At every special occasion, we decorate the fireplace mantel, too.

Right from our home, we can walk or bike to school, the beach, parks, art center, theatre for kids classes, library, baseball practice, an ice cream shop, outdoor concerts, restaurants, and more. Your child‘s nursery will have patterns, a comfy glider to read stories, a map to pin travels, books, and more. They will always have their own room and it will be decorated (and re-decorated as they grow to reflect their interests and personality.


Our Promise

We promise to love fully and completely and to honor the loving agreement that adoption is between you, your child, and us.

Your child will be supported and cherished by us and our entire family. We’ll listen and encourage dreams, offer guidance, celebrate every accomplishment, share the joy of traveling with them, and provide them with a well-rounded lifestyle. We promise to kiss boo-boos, tie shoes, read books, help with homework, chaperone field trips, bake chocolate chip cookies, save for college, and honor their adoption story. We will always—always—advocate and cheerlead endlessly on their behalf, from milestones to every moment in between.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

From our hearts to yours,

Cindy and Jason

Learn More About Jason & Cindy

  Jason Cindy
Our EducationMaster of Business AdministrationBachelor of Arts in English
Our ProfessionsProgram ManagerStay-at-Home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jason & Cindy's Favorites
What cuisine do you crave most? PizzaMexican... love guacamole. 🙂
What's your favorite children's book?"Harry the Dirty Dog""Jabari Jumps." It's about finding your courage when you try something new.
Favorite dessert?BrowniesIce cream!
What memory stands out to you from your childhood?Boating with my family on summer weekends. The combination of being together, outside and on the water, was perfect.Camping. We had so much fun cooking hotdogs and catching minnows and fireflies.
What's your absolute favorite thing about your spouse?I love her creativity and how it comes out in everything she does.Jason has a steady, reassuring presence that I love and am grateful for.
What is your favorite band?Dierks BentleyOneRepublic
What's one of your favorite things to do as a family?Going to the beach, whether we play there or just hang out.Anything outside together. Pool, beach, golfing.
More About Our Family
Do you love music?

Music's a given in our house (and car!). 😉 Growing up, Jason played the drums and Cindy played the clarinet and bass clarinet. Nolan has a few instruments and will start music lessons soon. At the holidays, we do karaoke sessions at home with extended family, complete with microphones. It's so much fun!

What values will you teach?

The morals we learned from our parents and church have shaped who we are today and the decisions we make. A few of the core values we strive to show and teach are honesty, love, kindness, compassion, and helping others. Another that's deeply important to us is accepting and appreciating differences. Along with what we do every day, we believe traveling and creating opportunities to learn about different cultures is key to this one, and we'll always continue to do both.

What are meals like at your house?

We love a just-baked treat. But our day-to-day meals have a lot of whole foods are really fresh. (We go through a lot of fruit!) Cindy does most of the cooking and Jason does the grilling. In the evenings, we sit down for dinner together. If it's nice out, we like to eat on the patio.

How important is education to you?

Both of our moms were teachers, Cindy has taught, and there are a lot of educators in our extended family too—elementary through university level. We both value our overall experience, from kindergarten through college. We're committed to giving your child the same, from great schools to being involved parents at class parties and events. From year one, we started saving for Nolan's college and we're ready to do that for your child too.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We're open to adopting a newborn or up to 12 months old.


We're open to twins. There are already some in our extended family, so they'd fit right in!


Either. We'd be blessed to parent a boy or a girl.

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We'd be honored to love your child, offer opportunities for learning and growth, and to cherish them day in and day out. We look forward to getting to know you and hope to stay in touch through letters, calls, photos, and visits.

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