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A Letter from Mark & Lacey

Dear Birthmother,

Greetings from The Lone Star State of Texas!

We are very grateful you have taken the time to allow us to share a little about ourselves and our excitement of starting our family through the beauty of adoption. After unsuccessful fertility attempts and an outpouring of prayer, we are very excited to begin our journey of adoption. We are a laid back couple that enjoys everything together from going to the river and bowling to playing games (dominoes or cards etc.) and quiet evenings at home with our 5 dogs. We are excited to welcome your child into our lives!

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About Us

As soon as we met we became inseparable! We are an established couple that is very affectionate, compassionate and competitive. We love games, such as dominos, cards, darts, and mystery solving games.  We love riding the river with family and friends, road trips to try new foods from all different cultures and watching riverwalk shows, and visiting with friends and family. Every hello and goo0dbye is always met with a hug, a kiss, and an ‘I love you’. We have been through the good the bad and the ugly with our IVF journeys and several pregnancy losses yet through it all we can come through even stronger. We make sure to let each other know just how much we mean to each other daily and are thrilled to now grow our family through adoption. We are excited to welcome your child into our family and share with them our passion for games, the great outdoors and helping others.

My Husband, Mark

My husband is the most devoted, friendly, self-reliant, and loving husband, father, son and now grandfather. He is very fun and outgoing and can make anyone laugh with his dry sense of humor. He loves all sports, especially the Houston Astros and Texans. He also loves playing pool, darts, and grilling. He also loves to spend time playing with our 5 dogs.

Mark is an onboard technical supervisor for a fueling company. He also drives a tanker truck and is one of the first volunteers to go help in a disaster like a hurricane or a tornado. He keeps an emergency bag packed at all times so he is ready to help whenever called.  Mark’s most loving quality is that he loves people for who they are. He is so excited to share his love for animals and sports with our next child!

My Wife, Lacey

My wife is the most loving, strong-willed, caring, and compassionate woman I know. She cares deeply for others and not just her friends and family but total strangers too. If she sees someone in need she will do whatever she can to help.  This caring compassion is rooted in her religious convictions. Lacey has the sweetest personality, loves to laugh make others laugh, and have a good time. She likes all kinds of crafting and organizing parties and events.
Lacey has been a school bus driver for the last 5 years and loves her work. She takes getting the kids to and from school safely very seriously. She even created a food bank to provide snacks and/or meals to those students that need it.
I know she is going to be a wonderfully supportive and loving mother to our child and is excited to share with them the joy of helping others.

Our Home in Texas

We live in a quiet 30-year-old established neighborhood that offers a golf course and country club. Neighbors are friendly and we look out for each other and there is little to no traffic. Our home is a 5 bedroom, 2-story home, 4000 sq ft house with 5 dogs. We have a fenced-in backyard for running and playing as well as a fruit tree with the best-tasting oranges ever. We live in a cul-d-sac just around the corner from the Elementary school and a few blocks from the neighborhood park. We have ducks in the neighborhood ponds and lots of squirrels that love to run and play.

Our Family and Traditions

We have the most loving and supportive families who are just as excited as we are about our adoption journey. We are constantly spending time together as almost everyone is just a short drive away. Everything from birthdays to holidays and church services to big family dinners. We have a very diverse family full of adoption and different ethnicities. Lacey’s older sister and niece are both adopted and one of our cousins just adopted a baby boy as well. Mark has twin daughters, Alexis & Jordan,  from his previous marriage who are now 23. Alexis recently became a mom and we are thrilled to be grandparents! Your child will always be supported and surrounded by family and love. We are all excited about including them in all the family traditions during the holidays and making our own new traditions as a family as well.

Our Promise to You

Our promise to unconditional love and support for your child. They will grow up knowing that they are loved and cherished at all times and we promise to provide them with every opportunity to grow to be an exceptional and loving person. We look forward to providing a loving home and exposing them to adventurous and educational experiences to help them realize their inner gifts and talents.  We will be loving, caring and supportive parents to your child and make sure they know what an amazing gift they truly are.


Lacey and Mark

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Mark & Lacey

  Mark Lacey
Our EducationHigh School GraduateSome college with Certifications in Phlebotomy and Real estate
Our ProfessionsOn Board Tech ManagerSchool Bus Driiver
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Mark & Lacey's Favorites
Favorite HolidayChristmasChristmas
Favorite FoodMexican or SushiSushi or Anything Chocolate
Favorite ColorRoyal BlueHot Pink
SportFootball & BaseballBaseball
Music80's rock80's baby
Weekend adventures San AntonioSan Antonio
More About Our Family
How we met and our interests

We met playing pool with friends and while Mark thinks he won, really Lacey did. We love things like dominos, pool, puzzles and mystery-solving games. We especially love when the whole family gets together for dinners, holidays and parties of all sorts.

Our Faith

We have relied heavily on our Christian faith through our entire journey together. We are grateful that He has carried us through ALL of our days together. We are active members of our church and have a close relationship with our Pastor and his wife. We attend weekly and volunteer throughout the week. It has helped so much to have our church family be so supportive in our decision to adopt and we are just as excited to introduce a new young heart to our church family as we are our immediate and extended family.

Our Musical Interest

We definitely have some of the same music interest, yet completely opposite as well. We love oldies (50's and up), old country, rock and roll along with R&B and old rap. Lacey loves gospel music while Mark enjoys AM talk radio. It's a combination of all music really. We really can't get away from 80's music though, since we grew up in the 80's.

About Our Home

Our home is a 2-story, 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home with almost 4000 sq ft and 5 dogs. We have a fenced in back yard for running and playing with a tree with the best tasting oranges ever. We live in a cul-d-sac just around the corner from the Elementary school and a few blocks from the neighborhood park which we love to visit. We have ducks in the ponds and lots of squirrels that love to run and play in our area. In our neighborhood ducks, squirrels and golf carts have the right of way.

Our Children

Mark has twin daughters who are now 23 from his previous marriage who I proudly get to call my daughters. Alexis, the older twin, is a new mom to our beautiful grandson and is employed at the same company as Mark. Jordan, the younger twin, is a Sargent in the US ARMY and stationed in Georgia. We couldn't be more proud of them and love them to the moon and back! They are both thrilled to welcome your child to the family!

We live in the state of...

The Great State of Texas

Our Neighborhood

We live in a quiet 30-year-old established neighborhood that offers a golf course and country club. Neighbors are friendly and we look out for each other and the traffic is low.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months


Yes, we would love twins!


We are open to either gender!

Sibling Group

We would love siblings up to 3 yrs old!

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Hispanic, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Asian
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to providing a loving home to your child and exposing them to adventurous and educational experiences and to help them realize their inner gifts and talents. Our families are so excited to welcome and love your child and we look forward to getting to know you.

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